Extend the life of your wallpaper (Optional)

Problem Definition

Over time wallpaper: 

  • loses its luster.
  • Its original colors fade.
  • Begins to curl and peel from the corners and seams.
  • loses strength and crispness in moisture rich environments.
  • Gets dented by furniture and wear & tear.

Our Innovative Solution:

 At Shotcount we are always bringing innovations to continuously improve quality. To extend the life your wallpaper adhesiveness and make sure it keeps its original color we have now started to apply a coat of decorator varnish on the wallpaper after install to protect your investment for a lifetime. 

Based on the type of wallpaper being installed we tailor a custom mix of protective coating that we apply on the wallpaper after it is installed. Our  proprietary protective mix is tailored specifically to your wallpaper type to avoid any changes to the original colors and look and feel of your wallpaper.

The Advantages Of Our Proprietary Protective Coating:

  • Your wallpaper never loses its luster.
  • Your wallpaper original colors never fade.
  • Your wallpaper never curls or peels from the corners and seams.
  • Your wallpaper is protected against water moisture in wet environments such as bathrooms.
  • Your wallpaper is protected against scratches, furniture dents and daily wear and tear.

Main Offices:

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(202) 552-9388 email: ben@shotcount.com