Professional Mural Installation


Mural Installation

 Our Traditional Mural Install Process:

At Shotcount we employ a highly structured mural install process. We strictly adhere to our traditional method that has proven itself for decades and yields picture perfect results every time.


Often times wall prep takes longer than the hanging the mural itself.

1- Most walls have small imperfections and are not perfectly flat. In fact, murals magnify flaws in the walls. Wall prep is is the most important step to achieve a picture perfect wall mural.

2- The goal of wall prepping is to achieve a smooth and perfectly flat surface. Which requires repairing/patching the drywall from any holes, dents and scratches with drywall compound. When compound is dry it is sanded smooth.

3- In case the wall has some texturing, it will cause bumps to show thru on the mural. To address this, we apply a new layer of plaster to cover the textured areas of the wall. That way the textures will not intrude on the vinyl.

4- The last step in the prep of the wall is to clean the wall by wiping it down with a vinegar solution to remove any debris and dust.

5- Only after the guidelines mentioned above are completed that the mural installation can begin.

6- Enjoy your picture perfect result.

Also, the challenge with mural installation is that it stretches/shrinks differently based on the material used, type of glue used and wall preparation (priming).

Our professional installers pay attention to exactly those details that make your home and business mural look great. 


Mural Installation Price:

Mural installs are priced at $350 per mural. This price applies to all murals up to 15 feet wide. Please call for larger mural pricing.