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Why Wallpaper is art that can not be mass-produced & why buy from us?

Wallpaper is art not mass-production. Many details go into crafting quality wallcovering such as dye batch color consistency, weave, weight of paper, backing and much more…

Quality wallcovering look amazing even without any prints. They look noble for their craftmanship. The human eye is trained to detect such details and compiles them into beautiful pieces of art.

We carry six brands. Each with its distinct design philosophy and way of life. You can be bold, you can be sober or you can be eclectic or just let yourself be wild.

Our wallpapers are not available for purchase by the public. They are available ‘to-the-trade’ only. Our Wallpaper designers require a white-glove service from purchasing to installation to accomplish the high brand standards. These wallpapers are not mass-produced and are limited small batch editions so that you can be unique.

How to buy our exclusive wallpaper:

1- Go to
2- Take note of the wallpaper models that you like (W1234/12).
3- Fill out the form below.
4- We will message you wallpaper quantity and quote.
5- Your wallpaper arrives with in 5-7 business days.

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